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Many doctors and therapists refer to David Dolan:

“David Dolan, CMT has been a very beneficial source of healing for our patients as well as myself personally. His cranio-sacral work is quite accomplished, and I am never ceased to be amazed at the results he gets-especially with chronic pain and children. Personally, I love his Aqua-Zen treatments he does in the mineral springs at Pagosa, as my challenged neurological system responds remarkably well. Those with Fibromyalgia are prime candidates for his unique therapy.” Sincerely, Dr. J. Gregory Stilwell, DPM, FACFAS

“I had had dozens of Aqua Zen type sessions with other practitioners before meeting David. David’s technique, style, pace and generous spirit put me at ease instantly. His touch and CranioSacral techniques produced a calm and peace in my body and my mind. He has the corner on the healing and comforting market as far as I am concerned.” Melaney Sreenan, Ph.D.

"I am referring to David W Dolan, MT-7499, San Juan River Rehabilitation, LLC., rehab. therapist providing physical medicine procedure 97140 for the diagnosis of "stiff man syndrome". The patient requires the local services of the above therapist who is expertly trained in CranioSacral Therapy."

Sincerely, Dr. C., MD in Durango.

"I find David Dolan, MT-CST, to be a competent therapist that I refer to."

John Upledger, DO., Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"I refer to David W. Dolan, MT-CST, for Neuromuscular Therapy for cervical strain"

Sincerely, Stephen Johnson, MD. Mercy Center for Occupational Medicine

"I refer to David Dolan, MT-CST, for Neuromuscular Therapy treatment of the soft tissues and ligaments of the lower leg and ankle.'

Signed, Field Blevins, MD, Animas Surgical Hospital

"Our office refers to David W. Dolan, MT-CST, for Neuromuscular Therapy to the soft tissues of the lower back and spine."

Sincerely, Larry Welling, MD, Reliance Medical Group, Farmington.

'I refer to David Dolan, MT-CST, San Juan River Rehab., for Neuromuscular Therapy for the treatment of Myalgia, Myofascitis, and injury to the head."

Sincerely, Randall Jernigan MD, Mercy Center for Occupational Medicine

Publications giving reviews:

Albuquerque Local IQ Magazine - Review of The Springs Resort & Spa, and AquaZen Therapy (CranioSacral Therapist David Dolan, MT-CST-NMT)

Natural springs, luxury accommodations and spa services blend with down-home eateries for a premier aprés ski town

By Kevin Hopper

There was a moment during my brief but rejuvenating stay at The Springs Resort and Spa in Pagosa, Colo., where time sort of stopped. I think if you stayed in this tranquil, soothing environment long enough, it would probably happen more than once. My time-stood-still moment occurred about two-thirds of the way through a treatment I booked called Aqua Zen Therapy, an aquatic offshoot of CranioSacral Therapy. The intention of the treatment, which takes place in one of the dozens of geothermal pools that dot the steamy landscape alongside the San Juan River in the heart of this still largely undiscovered mountain town, is to release the body’s deep-set tensions and improve whole-body health. Somewhere within the 60-minute treatment ($140), as my body floated in 102 degree, mineral-rich water, and my therapist, David Dolan, stretched my spine, I sort of disappeared into what I can only call pure bliss. Time didn’t exist at that moment

   So did it work? I’m wont to think it did. But even if it didn’t, one would have a difficult time not absorbing the boundless opportunities for relaxation at The Springs, which is owned by Albuquerque siblings Nerissa and Neely Whittington.

Hot mineral water The resort centers around 23 geothermal pools of varying temperatures — from 83 F to a scorching 114 F — which makes for a good amount of “spa-hopping.” If you love to soak your bones in mineral-rich waters, there really is no better place in the country, or the world, for that matter. In fact, Guinness World Records recently named The Springs the “World’s Deepest Geothermal Hot Springs,” measuring as deep as 1,005 feet deep (but still not reaching the bottom). 

Photo by Wes Naman Along with the pools, a few of which are situated immediately adjacent to the San Juan River (allowing for an invigorating cold dip if one dares), the spa at The Springs affords visitors a number of luxurious treatments ranging from unique massages, wraps and scrubs to hair services, facials and even tanning. While I was watching time stop, my travel companion received the San Juan Essential full-body massage, which incorporates moist hot packs, eye pillows and organic oils ($110/hr). The look on her face after the treatment was proof enough that I should book one myself upon our return.

Luxury hotel guests at The Springs are allowed access to the pools around the clock, so super late dips are allowed, as are pre-sunrise dips, which is possibly the best time to enjoy the pools. Keep in mind that there are high sulfite levels in the water, resulting in less-than pleasant odor. However, given the restorative qualities of the minerals in the water — and the sheer history of the place — your body will thank you for what your nose doesn’t like. 

Photo by Wes

NamanGreen house effect

Our stay in the “O Suite” was ultra-swank, to say the least. Located in the recently built, LEED Gold certified luxury hotel, the suite was absolutely huge, with its own bar/kitchenette and dry sauna, two bathrooms, a six spigot shower and separate jet tub, a fireplace, two flat screen TVs and a giant balcony overlooking the pools, river and fountain. “Plush” is the key word here. Having the hotel bar located just down the staircase is a welcome bonus. An additional 50 rooms are available in separate buildings — the deluxe rooms are completely updated and very nice — but the luxury hotel is obviously the pride of the pack. The geothermal waters are used to heat the rooms at the hotel, and those waters then move on for therapeutic or recreational use at the resort and spa. What’s more, the entire property is 100 percent powered by wind. Where to Stay:

The Springs Resort & Spa

Be warned: skiers might find it difficult to pull themselves away from the natural hot springs to make the drive up the hill.

165 Hot Springs Blvd., 970.264.4168

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