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  David W. Dolan, MT_CST_NMT., provides all therapies and has extensive experience with chronic pain, acute pain, and disease processes.

  Background and Experience David has 23 years of clinical experience with accident, injury, and diseaserehabilitation. 6 years of experience have been spent in hospital environments such as Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, and Animas Surgical Hospital in Durango, Colorado. Background includes assisting in 5 Chiropractic offices in Florida.

Mentored by Dr. John E. Upledger, DO., David was educated in CranioSacral Therapy and it's application to disease processes for 17 years. Serving as an instructor for the Upledger Institute, he learned his aquatic therapy in the research program " Dolphin-Assisted Therapy" in the Bahamas for 10 yrs. David also served as a staff therapist in the Institutes's Brain & Spinal Cord Clinic in 5 day intensive programs.

David serves as assistant teacher in CST-1, CST-2, SER-1, Immune System Response, and several advanced BioAquatic Explorations ADV. Instructor status for BioAquatic Exploration-Ocean Therapy from 2000-2008, CST Intro and Share Care Instructor.

Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy byinternationally known Paul St. John, David became an instructor teaching over 100 (2-3 day) seminars to LMTs, PTs, OTs, DCs, and MDs. TMJ (TMD) training came from the Myotronics Dental Summit and intensiveinstruction from Dr. Shott DMD., and St. John in Germany.

Whether you have a neurological, orthopedic, or auto-immune condition and whether it's a new issue or an old complaint, David will create a treatment plan aimed at helping you put it behind you.          

Call David at (970) 398-0375 for information or

Email - Dave

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